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Interface Address

This address interface will show us how the creation of a new address is structured. Example structure:

export interface Address {
id: number;
user_id: string;
first_name: string;
last_name: string;
phone: string;
identity_document: string;
lat: number;
lng: number;
address1: string;
address2: string;
city: string;
zipcode: string;
state_name: string;
state_code: string;
country: string;
address_type: string;
additional_description: string;
is_default_address: boolean;
is_last_address: boolean;
is_billing_address: boolean;
created_at: Date;
updated_at: Date;
deleted_at?: Date;
country_code?: string;


  • Address



additional_description: string
address1: string
address2: string
address_type: string
city: string
country: string
country_code?: string
created_at: Date
deleted_at?: Date
first_name: string
id: number
identity_document: string
is_billing_address: boolean
is_default_address: boolean
is_last_address: boolean
last_name: string
lat: number
lng: number
phone: string
state_code: string
state_name: string
updated_at: Date
user_id: string
zipcode: string

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