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Interface Order

In this interface we will see the structure of an Order

export interface Order {
order_id: string;
transaction_id?: string;
currency: string;
tax_amount: number;
display_tax_amount: string;
shipping_amount: number;
display_shipping_amount: string;
display_sub_total: string;
items_total_amount: number;
display_items_total_amount: string;
sub_total: number;
store_code?: string;
total_amount: number;
total_discount: number;
display_total_amount: string;
display_total_discount: string;
items: Item[];
discounts: Discount[];
shipping_address?: Address;
shipping_options?: ShippingOption;
user_instructions: string;
metadata: Metadata;
status: string;
payment?: Payment;
redirect_url?: string;
shipping_methods?: ShippingMethod[];
scheduled_at?: string;
timezone: string;


  • Order



currency: string
discounts: Discount[]
display_items_total_amount: string
display_shipping_amount: string
display_sub_total: string
display_tax_amount: string
display_total_amount: string
display_total_discount: string
items: Item[]
items_total_amount: number
metadata: Metadata
order_id: string
payment?: Payment
redirect_url?: string
scheduled_at?: string
shipping_address?: Address
shipping_amount: number
shipping_methods?: ShippingMethod[]
shipping_options?: ShippingOption
status: string
store_code?: string
sub_total: number
tax_amount: number
timezone: string
total_amount: number
total_discount: number
transaction_id?: string
user_instructions: string

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